Functional Medicine + Faith Approach to Wellness

A woman's guide to eliminating burnout and optimizing the design of her body+mind+spirit everyday.

Beth Ann Davenport, PharmD


Hi! I'm Beth Ann, a pharmacist turned functional medicine wellness consultant who firmly believes the best medicine for our everyday wellness is available to anyone without a prescription. You just have to know where to look! I'm also a wife and a mama to three littles, and I know first hand how strapped for time and overwhelmed with information you probably feel.


Almost every woman I have the opportunity to chat with is going through some version of the very same angst that knocked me to my knees not so long ago. We are standing in a burnout epidemic, and we're cooking slow like frogs. It's time for us to jump out of the boiling pot together! I had to walk a pretty difficult road to learn that we're not supposed to live life constantly stressed, anxious, and on edge, but I wouldn't trade that stretch of my story for anything - it completely changed my life!


My goal is to eliminate unnecessary decisions and make important decisions a whole lot easier, all while enabling your body's incredible capacity for self-healing. You'll learn practical and sustainable steps to enhance your well-being continually based on my work with hundreds of individuals one-on-one and in group settings. You'll even receive guided meditations that follow along with the course curriculum.


The information shared in Everyday Wellness is designed to encourage and inform absolutely any woman, but I want to make it clear before purchase that this course is a faith+science approach to wellness, and the two are woven together throughout the curriculum.


Everyday Wellness is designed to incorporate everything I've learned and continue to learn about living out womanhood according to our design along with the foundation of the Prescription Wellness process and my own personal wellness journey. We will work together to simplify your days by giving you a flexible structure for nutrition, movement, stress management, and sleep over the course of 21 days.


Each module contains quick (10 minutes or less!), easy-to-watch video lessons sharing one simple change to implement gradually with science and encouragement to help you sustain the change. You can choose to go through one lesson each day, take breaks on the weekend, or just watch here and there when you have time - it's completely up to you!


Regardless of which pace you choose, by the time you have completed this course, you will have the tools, strategies, and the confidence you need to exit the downward spiral of burnout and set yourself on a new upward cycle toward wellness for life.

Meredith, age 36

I would consider myself to be a fairly healthy individual, but my wellness strategy has mostly been focused on exercise and diet, and "striving" to learn more about wellness, while being completely overwhelmed by conflicting information everywhere we turn. Beth Ann has a unique ability to break down and present complex concepts {that are rooted in the Bible and science} so they are understandable. She introduces small, simple changes to incorporate into our daily rhythms. I have been amazed by how these "simple" and "small" changes have been truly life-giving to me!

Marilyn, age 49

The education in the course is so valuable and the way the course is laid out for the participant is optimal because it helps women learn new habits a step at a time. I am very grateful Everyday Wellness because it has educated me on a lot of the whys behind tools that I had heard about over the years, encouraging me to implement them for better health, and I was also introduced to new tools and strategies that were so very beneficial.

Ginger, age 60

I can tell you this is a phenomenal opportunity! Beth Ann shares beneficial and practical advice and guidance in ways to improve your health. She bases her findings on research and science but makes it easy to apply. Thank you, Beth Ann for using your knowledge to glorify God and help us to be healthier!

Basically, for the price of a nice pair of jeans, you can learn how to upgrade your genes, so that you look, feel, and function better everyday!

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